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Superlyst Ventures

We amplify founders building the next wave of tech-driven companies and invest €100k to €500k in seed stage rounds.

Who we are

Superlyst Ventures is a seed-stage investment collective, backed by an ecosystem of successful entrepreneurs. We actively support the teams we invest in strategy, go-to-market and follow-on fundraising - always working beyond limits to turn visions into reality.



Today, we just scratched the surface of what’s possible with technology. As we put people first, technology fades into the background. This changes how we see the world and in turn it changes the world we see.

There's promise in possibilities and what we create next will stretch the imagination. A world without boundaries. A world where technology enhances, not limits humanity. Deepen our understanding and enrich our lives. Better, faster, more efficient.

And we are excited to be part of this impact.

Investment Playground

Superlyst Ventures was launched on the belief that supporting ideas and visions at the earliest stage is the most exciting and meaningful way.

That's why we invest in founders who are disrupting established industry domains or creating new markets. Founders who build compelling technology-driven products - and who are shaping the next wave of impactful ventures.


a tech rockstar

Looking for a great new opportunity in an upcoming leading European technology venture? Want to help businesses and ideas thrive with passion and purpose, while being part of the journey in creating a wonderful tomorrow?

Make a move and join us or one of our growing portfolio companies! Send us your spectacular application to be part of the Superlyst pack!

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Enrico is an entrepreneur, holds various advisory board positions and is active as an business angel in several start-ups in areas such as platforms, marketplaces, Saas and e-commerce among others. He was shareholder, CFO and COO at mydays.de and sold this market leading voucher platform to P7S1 Media SE. He is the initiator, co-founder and managing partner of Superlyst Ventures.


Managing Partner

Gian-Marco is the network expert for strategic partnerships to support growth and early traction in areas such as media, advertising, blockchain and sustainability. He has held various management positions at Scout24, P7S1 and Dentsu. He is Managing Partner and co-founder of Superlyst Ventures, active advisor to DMEXCO, Justwatch, PIA and more, as well as angel investor in various B2B startups.


Managing Partner

Lars is an active Venture Partner at Superlyst Ventures with a mind-blowing entrepreneurial spirit. He is Managing Director and CTO of JSMD Group, has scaled and led large tech teams and has a deep understanding of tech, digital data and operations in sectors such as e-commerce, telcos, travel and healthcare.


Venture Partner